At Weber Gallagher we are proud of our values, our traditions and that we act and operate as a partnership by making decisions as a team and include our clients as partners, treating them with respect and getting to know their businesses in a way that lets us deliver top legal services.

We are a reliable and steady firm. Unlike many other law firms in the country, we did not need to cut attorneys or staff during the recession because we operate in a manner that gives security to our attorneys, our clients and our staff.

We believe in collaboration, creative thinking and diversity in people and ideas. We service a wide set of client needs. No one partner dominates or owns a majority of the firm.  We offer our clients a myriad of services and try to be flexible in understanding that as their businesses grow, their needs may change.

While some firms have cut staff, we believe that a strong administration and an able staff whether it is IT professionals, paralegals or legal assistants allow our attorneys to concentrate on the clients’ legal work. We have a high retention rate among attorneys, administrators and staff because they want to be here and we value our relationships with our clients and one another.  Our firm management encourages learning and growth so that we are current on the law and ahead of the curve on technology.  The same strong retention rate is true among our clients.

As times change, we evolve and applaud inventive approaches to our work. But we also hold on to the values that have brought us to where we are today.  

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