At Weber Gallagher we represent facilities and families in petitions for guardianship. Our attorneys are frequently contacted by institutions and hospitals to obtain guardianships and emergent special medical guardianships. We also counsel families seeking guardianship of an elderly parent, a child or family member with disabilities. 

It is estimated that one in eight older Americans suffers from Alzheimer’s disease.  In addition, there are more than 24 million Americans with severe disabilities who need assistance with daily living activities. There are also frequent cases where an emergency special medical guardianship is needed for a child whose parents will not allow medical intervention for religious reasons or a seriously ill patient cannot make a medical decision.  Without guardianship or other appropriate plans in place, the best medical and financial decisions cannot always be reached for the person in need.

Our attorneys have extensive experience with

  •  Emergent guardianship for the appointment of a special medical guardian
  •  Representing hospitals and facilities where a patient or resident needs guardianship
  •  Preparing guardianship petitions and accountings for filing with the court
  •  Participating in court hearings
  •  Assisting with preparing annual reports
  •  Arranging for competency evaluations
  •  Situations with both elderly patients and children with developmental disabilities

Our attorneys have an understanding of the emotionally difficult decisions that must be made by individuals applying for guardianship.  We are concerned, caring, responsive and willing to answer all the questions to help you through this process.

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