Sherlock Holds Down Costs, Damages in Jury Trial over Injuries


    Mary E. Sherlock's defense of a national insurer in a two-day jury trial in the Superior Court of Delaware in October 2012 held down trial costs and damages after the plaintiff rejected an out-of-court settlement on injuries sustained in an automobile accident.

    After deliberating an hour and 15 minutes, the jury awarded the female plaintiff $4,203 - her out-of-pocket medical expenses only - and rejected her husband's loss of consortium claim. The couple was demanding $40,000 and had rejected an offer by Ms. Sherlock's client to settle for $15,000. Additionally, in arguing her case, Ms. Sherlock called only one physician as a defense witness; the plaintiff relied on the testimony of two physicians.

    Ms. Sherlock, the managing partner of Weber Gallagher's Dover office, focuses her practice on insurance defense litigation, first-party and third-party claims, and subrogation matters. A practicing trial attorney for nearly 30 years, she has litigated in all of the Delaware courts.

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