Brian L. Calistri Obtains Summary Judgment in Elevator Accident Case


    The Plaintiff, a custodial worker for a local university, claimed she fell coming out of a misleveled freight elevator on campus. Her injury claims involved various neck and back injuries but initially focused on a claim of serious cognitive defects and memory loss along with a six figure worker's compensation lien. At the outset of this matter, an opening settlement demand of $10 Million was made.

    As discovery began, the Plaintiff's attorneys suddenly withdrew their representation from the action hinting that fraud was involved. During the period in which the plaintiff attempted to retain new attorney, a joint defense strategy was arranged among the defendants. Additional paper discovery was completed and a Motion for Summary Judgment was filed on the grounds that the Plaintiff had failed to develop a theory of liability, failed to pursue aggressive discovery, and otherwise lacked evidence against our client to move to trial.

    On April 14, 2011, the Judge Jacqueline Allen of the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas granted the Motion for Summary Judgment and dismissed our client from the case.

    Brian Calistri was assisted in the case by Thomas Geroulo and Megan Murray.

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