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  • Secured favorable forum non conveniens motion on behalf of a leading transportation company before the Lackawanna County court in a case involving a vehicle collision where we successfully petitioned to transfer the case to a much more favorable venue for the client.

  • Secured summary judgement and won appeal in favor of a municipality under the Recreational Land Use Act and the Tort Claims Act in a death action suit.

  • Defended a product liability action involving a national homeopathic diet supplement manufacturer in the Superior Court of New Jersey, Law Division for Atlantic County, related to claims of a manufacturing defect, design defect, and failure to warn.  The Plaintiff claims she required emergent cardiac surgery related to consumption of the product.  After filing a Motion for Summary Judgment challenging all theories of liability, the case resolved for under six figures.

  • Defended the manufacturer of an electric bicycle following claims of a defective design resulting in an explosion that destroyed a home and attached garage. Through discovery, we uncovered the plaintiff had substantially altered the product and accordingly misused the product. The case resolved via settlement at a significant discount from the sum certain damages to the property.

  • Assisted in successfully achieving a defense verdict in a five-day jury trial. Our client was a building engineer in a case involving an electrical shock accident in the basement of a building. The plaintiff was attempting to remove the copper wire from a live switchgear box when he received a substantial electric shock which resulted in the amputation of his middle and ring fingers from his left hand.  The plaintiff claimed he was told by the building engineers the switchgear had been dead for 20 years and further that the building engineers told him he could take the switchgear and do whatever he wanted with it. The plaintiff and the defendant building engineer each presented expert testimony from an electrical engineer and a doctor. The co-defendant building owner/building management denied knowing the plaintiff and his friend were in in the building, but both the plaintiff and his friend testified to the contrary, as did the building engineer. The co-defendant building owner/building management settled with the plaintiff on a Joint tortfeasor release while the jury was deliberating. The jury found the defendant building engineer negligent, but the negligence was not a factual cause of the plaintiff’s injuries. Verdict was therefore rendered in favor of the defendant building engineer. 

  • Prevailed in the Superior Court of Pennsylvania in the defense of a prominent Montgomery county lawyer and law firm in a case sounding in defamation, abuse of process and tortious interference with business relations.

  • Secured dismissal of all claims against international corporation in a product liability action stemming from a fatality and accompanying negligent infliction of emotional distress case.

  • Awarded Summary Judgment in defense of regional commercial transportation company based upon the New Jersey Blackout Defense. 

  • Prevailed in the defense of a law firm defendant and individual attorneys in a Dragonetti action commenced in Philadelphia County. This action was appealed up to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania and on April 7, 2015, the Court entered an Order affirming the ruling of the Lower Courts and in favor of the defendants. This action arose out of the “kids for cash” scandal in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.

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