Sherri L. Dougherty

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Direct: 215.972.7913
2000 Market Street
Suite 1300
Philadelphia, PA 19103
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F: 215.564.7699
  • Successful in defending a Reinstatement and Review Petition of an employee who tripped and fell at work, injuring her knee.  Claimant was terminated for cause post-injury, and alleged injuries to multiple body parts other than the knee.  The Judge found claimant’s injury to be limited to a knee contusion, that claimant’s wage loss was not related to her work injury, and found her fully recovered from the knee contusion based on credible testimony of employer’s medical expert.

  • Successful in defending a Fatal Claim Petition for a traveling employee, whose widow alleged claimant had a heart attack due to work-related stress.  The Judge found credible employer’s medical and fact witness testimony, which did not support work stress as a causal factor in claimant’s heart attack.

  • Successful in defendant a Claim Petition filed by a part time supervisor who alleged that due to 18 years of heavy physical activity on the job, she had cumulative injuries to the neck and lower back.  The Judge denied the Claim Petition, finding credible the four employer fact witnesses who testified that claimant’s job was not heavy or repetitive, and that claimant went out of work on short term disability benefits without reporting a work injury within 120 days.  The WCJ also accepted employer’s medical expert as more credible than two medical experts presented by claimant.

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