Robert MacMahon successfully achieves defense veredict

    Successfully achieved a defense verdict in a five-day jury trial. Rob’s client was a building engineer in a case involving an electrical shock accident. The plaintiff was attempting to remove the copper wire from a live switchgear box when he received a substantial electric shock which resulted in the amputation of his middle and ring fingers from his left hand.  The plaintiff claimed he was told by the building engineers that the switchgear had been dead for 20 years. The building engineers of Rob’s client denied this and testified they told the plaintiff that the switchgear was hot and not to touch it. The plaintiff and the defendant building engineer each presented expert testimony from an electrical engineer and a doctor. The co-defendant building owner/building management denied knowing the plaintiff and his friend were in the building, but both the plaintiff and his friend testified to the contrary. The co-defendant building owner/building management settled with the plaintiff on a Joint tortfeasor release while the jury was deliberating. The jury found the defendant building engineer negligent, but the negligence was not the cause of the injuries. The verdict was therefore rendered in favor of the defendant building engineer. 

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