Risk Transfer and Risk Exposure Consultation

Our attorneys counsel clients with respect to risk management assessment in all phases of their business, including those arising through merger and acquisition activity.  Our services include due diligence, operational and/or transactional analysis for our clients in order to ascertain potential risk and liability exposures. Our attorneys are adept at recognizing operational and transactional risks arising from our clients’ operations and proposing appropriate solutions designed to minimize or eliminate potential exposure.

We have the experience and background to recommend sound business methodologies, whether operational, contractual or through insurance, designed to minimize and/or transfer risks faced by our clients. Our attorneys have decades of experience in insurance, reinsurance, corporate reorganization, bankruptcy, risk exposure and restructuring,  as well as years of training companies in the best methods of risk management.  Many of our attorneys have worked as corporate counsel within and outside the insurance industry.  By effectively identifying and managing risk exposure Weber Gallagher assures our clients are properly protected against future known and unknown risks.

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