Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) can offer many advantages over the traditional litigation process. Weber Gallagher ADR attorneys are skilled at using alternative dispute resolution strategies to our clients’ advantage. We serve as client advocates, where we handle negotiations, mediations and arbitrations, and provide clients with informed advice; our services also include early case assessments and guidance regarding how best to resolve disputes. ADR provides efficiency, affordability, flexibility and confidentiality.

Our ADR strategies enable our clients to achieve results that further their business goals, reduce expense and delay in resolving disputes, and avoid the distractions to management that prevent them from focusing on their businesses. We routinely act as advocates in resolving disputes without lengthy and expensive lawsuits, and some of us also serve as neutral parties in arbitration and mediation matters. Weber Gallagher attorneys are experienced representing clients in arbitration hearings when necessary. However, we regularly obtain confidential resolutions for clients who prefer a less contentious option as well.

By serving as dispute resolution professionals in negotiation, mediation, and arbitration, we apply that experience to assess how parties perceive their rights and obligations and to craft resolutions that reduce risk and limit liability. We work closely with clients to assess disputes at their inception.

Our attorneys are comfortable representing clients in person and remotely, as well as serving as arbitrators and mediators live and virtually. Equally skilled in ADR and litigation, we are proud of our record of protecting our clients’ interests both in and out of court. Balancing business interests and legal rights, our attorneys consider the parties’ relationship and our clients’ desired outcome.

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