Toxic Tort and Environmental  

Our attorneys defend insurance carriers, large corporations and a variety of small and mid-size businesses in cases of exposure to benzene, asbestos, lead paint, mold and other products with alleged carcinogenic, contamination or toxic issues.

Our attorneys defend clients against claims that a spill, contamination or some type of release of a toxic substance affected people and caused bodily injury or even death. This may be exposure in the workplace, and become a workers’ compensation case, or could be exposure in a residence or school built over underground storage tanks, or a home or building with asbestos. But to be a toxic tort, there must be illness or injury to a person or group of people.

We also defend clients against claims that a hazardous substance caused damage to water, land or air. These complex suits can demand money or remediation to bring the water, land or air back to the state it was in prior to the alleged exposure. These suits might be brought as a premises, product or general liability matter.

Our lawyers keep clients fully informed and involved during the fact-finding and decision-making stages of these highly complex cases, including those that often involve alleged product defects, premises and general liability, occupational and consumer exposure to heavy metals, inks, solvents, silica and sick buildings or underground storage tanks.

We have attorneys with 20 and 30 years of experience in defending these complex toxic tort and environmental cases, including serving as: National Counsel for a manufacturer in benzene exposure death cases; first chair at over 100 bodily injury claim trials of former employees alleging exposure to solvents; local counsel for multiple State Court and nationwide Federal Court asbestos claims; and as local counsel for death and serious bodily injury claims for a manufacturer of Diacetyl (popcorn lung).

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