"Potato v. Pototo and Tomato v. Tomota" - Genetically Modified Organisms



Now more than ever, farmers, biotech companies, seed suppliers, distributors, consumers and the state and federal government are trying to figure out what, exactly, is in your food and how best to handle the ever-changing legal and insurance issues caused by the use and spread of GM seeds, crops and foods. As the World population continues to swell, and as natural resources, fertile lands and water supplies continue to dwindle, the GMO controversy and coexistence issues among conventional, organic, identity-preserved and GMO producers is ripe for resolution. After providing a broad overview of the developmental history of GMOs, the prevailing world views and the applicable regulatory framework, the focus of this article will be the litigation and insurance issues related to environmental (planting, growing, harvesting, transporting, processing and storing GMO food and animal feed supplies), and potential toxic tort/mass tort/personal injury/products liability claims arising from the intentional (or unintentional) consumption of GMOs.

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