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Lynne Gold-Bikin

Lynne Z. Gold-Bikin


Weber Gallagher Partner Lynne Z. Gold-Bikin received the 2015 Lynette Norton award from the Pennsylvania Bar Association's Commission on Women in the Profession.  The award goes to an outstanding female litigator who shows leadership in mentoring other women attorneys.  This spring Lynne also was awarded the Legal Intelligencer's 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award.  These awards go to outstanding people in their professions and those who have had an impact in their fields and have helped educate their peers. As the Co-Chair of the firm's Women's Initiative, Lynne seeks to help women expand their businesses and learn to balance home and work life. 


Carolyn Mirable      

Carolyn R. Mirabile


Carolyn R. Mirabile authored "Who is Responsible for Paying the Costs of College?" for the Legal Intelligencer. Clients often ask about their responsibility  for college education.  In Pennsylvania, neither  parent has a legal obligation to pay  for a child’s college education. But in some cases it may be worthwhile  for a parent to agree to pay a  portion of the cost. Read the entire article here.


Developments in the Law

     Christian Badali            

Melissa Iacobucci      

The Superior Court of Pennsylvania considered whether it was reasonable to shift primary custody to one parent in order to limit the child's commuting time and decided it was not right to change a child's relationship with one parent to save transportation time (In R.S. v. T.T., 2015 Pa. Super. LEXIS 164 (Pa. Super. Ct. 2015). The court vacated an order awarding primary physical custody of a father's minor son to his mother during the school year and awarding shared physical custody during the summer months. There appeared to be no evidence indicating that the child's time in transit was not in his best interest, and the record did not support the conclusion that the distance between the parties' residences militated against shared custody. Ultimately, the Court held that a child's attachment to his parent was more important than avoidance of a 40-minute daily commute.

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