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Carolyn Mirabile Instrumental in Overhaul of Lawyer Referral and Modest Means Programs

Carolyn Mirabile


Carolyn R. Mirabile

Weber Gallagher Partner Carolyn Mirabile just finished her term as President of the Montgomery Bar Association. Among her initiatives was a complete overhaul of the Lawyer Referral and Modest Means Programs. With the assistance of the Board of Directors, the Legal Referral Service Committee and Bar Association staff, a new model for Lawyer Referral was developed and promoted to provide quality legal services to the surrounding community. This program was recently recognized statewide by the Pennsylvania Bar Association at the Conference of County Bar Leaders for improving the legal profession, justice system and community.

Lynne Gold-Bikin on Pitt/Jolie Divorce


Lynne Gold-Bikin


Lynne Z. Gold-Bikin

Lynne Gold-Bikin was interviewed on television last year regarding her thoughts on the contentious separation of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. The impending divorce won't be in the news as much anymore since the separated couple has agreed to have their case decided by a private judge and have agreed to keep testimony confidential. Last fall, their divorce started in a very public way with Jolie accusing Pitt of abusing the children. At the end of the investigation, social workers found no basis for the charges. Did these allegations come from brainwashing by Mom? Coaching by someone else? This is the problem with these kind of charges and they may come back to haunt Jolie when this matter goes to court. California favors a shared custody agreement and the younger children apparently want Dad in their lives. These decisions will now be made by a judge. It is always too bad when the responsibility for the care of children is put in the hands of a stranger and when ugly accusations are made that involve children. It's hard for this type of acrimony not to have an effect on a growing child.


John Zurzola Talks Taxes and Divorce

John Zurzola


John Zurzola

Tax time is upon us and the amount of child and spousal support that you receive may be affected on the tax filing status that you elect. Support is determined by Pennsylvania Guidelines that take into account the amount of the potential tax refund that an individual or currently married couple may receive. The potential refund then is added to a party’s normal income in order to determine the guideline support amount. Before making a determination of the tax filing status you elect, it is recommended that specific tax advice is received by an accountant or attorney specializing in tax law so that any other factor (to include the child and spousal support effect) may be taken into consideration.





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