Unreimbursed Medical Expense Deadlines


As March comes to a close, parties must remember to submit their unreimbursed medical expenses in advance of the March 31 deadline. The Support Statute provides all copays, and out of pocket medical expenses shall be divided based on the proportionate share of income of the parties. The party asking for reimbursement must incur an expense, and the cost must be submitted with receipts to the payor spouse. The payor must be given 30 days to make payments.

It is recommended unreimbursed medical expenses should be submitted every quarter. This is suggested, so the payor spouse is not overwhelmed with thousands of dollars of unreimbursed medical expenses in any given month. Additionally, all unreimbursed expenses in any given year must be submitted by March 30 of the following year in order for the expenses to be eligible for reimbursement.

Payees should check their support order carefully to make sure the expenses submitted are included in their support order as some expenses, such as therapy, are not included unless specifically provided for in the order.

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