Summer Flights during COVID-19


As the summer approaches, many families will be going on vacation. Before COVID-19, many families may have scheduled family vacations, which required flights.

Many people are expected to cancel or have canceled their travel plans to Europe due to the devastating effects of COVID-19, but what about the Caribbean? What if the family was flying to somewhere in the United States? What about a location such as, Hawaii where there were only a few cases of the virus. Should families fly while cities and airlines are still facing restrictions?

These types of decisions have to be carefully weighed on a case by case basis. If the custodial parent still wants to fly out of state, they need to inform the noncustodial parent what measures they are going to take to remediate any effects of COVID-19. Parents should also consider if their child has any special medical needs, which may restrict their ability to fly or travel if they are more susceptible to the virus.

Communication of travel plans in advance is really the key to finalizing your vacation plans. Contact the Family Law Group at Weber Gallagher to discuss any issues which might concern your case.

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