Summer at the Shore during COVID-19


Now that the South Jersey beaches will begin to open, how will COVID-19 affect your custodial time this summer? During the summer, families often travel to the Jersey shore with the children. Parents should be providing notice of any scheduled vacations, including dates, address and contact information.

But during this unprecedented time, how will this change? A parent should confirm he/she will follow all CDC Guidelines and recommendations of the shore point they are visiting. For instance, if the beach is open, but there are restrictions, the custodial parent should be responsible for the children to follow those recommendations.

Then there are questions such as, what if a parent wanted to invite another family on vacation? What if the children wanted to bring friends or were meeting friends at the shore? Is social distancing being recognized by the parents? Parents must be aware the restrictions don’t disappear while on vacation, and both parents should regularly communicate that they are each following all restrictions while the children are in their custodial care.

Courts are still hearing Emergency Petitions, and failure to follow CDC recommendations and Guidelines could result in custodial time, including vacations, being suspended. Contact the Family Law Group at Weber Gallagher to discuss any issues which might concern your case.

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