Every Dog Has His Day


When a new client hires me in their family law matter the first piece of advice I give to the client is, “get off all social media.” Most clients don’t listen to me until they feel the first effects from a social media post gone wrong. For example, a client is getting ready for support court and represents they don’t have any money to pay support. The estranged spouse then sees recent social media posts from her husband with his new significant other on an expensive trip. Or the ex-wife is receiving alimony and claims she is not cohabitating when her ex-husband sees recent posts on social media from the ex-wife’s significant other putting his children to bed at the ex-wife’s house. All of these social media posts will have a damaging effect on one’s case. 

Most recently, the highly publicized Murdaugh double murder case became unraveled when the accused’s alibi “went to the dogs." Alex Murdaugh’s alibi claimed he was not at the scene of the crime when his wife and son were murdered. Instead Murdaugh stated he was visiting his sick mother. Only minutes before the fatal shots, Murdaugh’s son, Paul posted a Snapchat video of a friend’s dog on the family property where Murdaugh’s voice could be heard in the background. 

Social media posts may result in your case landing in the dog-house. Don’t post on social media and certainly don’t let significant others post information which can be found through a simple search. Social media posts are admissible in court and may be presented to challenge the credibility of a witness. Keeping off social media will insure your case doesn’t unexpectedly unravel.

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