Congratulations to Cameron Klots, Our Weber Gallagher Scholarship Recipient!


Camron Klots, valedictorian of this year’s graduating class at Dr.Charles E. Brimm Medical Arts High School,  is headed to Rowan University to major in bio chemistry on his way to medical school to eventually launch a career in international public health.

Camron is joined tonight by his health teacher of four years – Ms. Karen Luke, a woman he credits with inspiring him to get this far. He will be the first in his family to attend college, a reward , he says, for doubling up on as many courses as possible.

His message to his graduating class last week was about “growth and getting out of your comfort zone” to succeed.  He believes he has done this many times over, but in particular when he was forced into public speaking as president of Youth Council and president of Chowhound, a grass roots group that looks after stray animals and helps family who can’t afford pet care.

The oldest of six kids, Camron recalls having to skip school to stay home with his younger sibs while his Mom worked. Though he’s always been the father figure at home, he said, one day he hopes to resurrect a relationship with his Dad who was incarcerated for many years.

He credits the pre-college program at school for helping him navigate the college application process, since nobody at home could.

Camron calls the Ferry Avenue library, his “sanctuary”  - a place to go every chance he could for peace and learning  and computer access because he did not have a laptop or PC at home.

A laptop, BTW, is on his list with the scholarship money.

On behalf of Weber Gallagher Law Firm, we congratulate Camron on his accomplishments and wish him well going forward.

Left - Right; Joseph Barucki (Partner at Weber Gallagher), Cameron Klots (WG Scholarship Recipient), Karen Luke (Camerons' Health Teacher), Jack Tarditi (Camden Schools Foundation President)

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