Weber Gallagher Presents WG University Workers’ Compensation Series Full Schedule


Weber Gallagher Presents


Workers' Compensation Webinar Series

Our webinars will focus on important Workers' Compensation topics for the states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Webinar dates and RSVP information are below.

April 19th

Why Does New Jersey Workers' Compensation Move so Slowly and What Can You Do About It?
Presented by Jeffrey Newby and Mark Setaro

Our New Jersey attorneys will provide you background on the unique challenges presented by New Jersey and some suggestions to add some pep to the step of the Garden State.

May 24th

Exploring Thorny Issues with the use of Medical Only NCPs
Presented by Christian Davis and Peter Harrison

Our Pennsylvania attorneys will analyze recent case law, discussing statute of limitations defenses available with the issuance of a Medical Only Notice of Compensation Payable and other pretrial issues. 

June 21st

Course and Scope of Employment: Key Facts to Access and Assert the Defense
Presented by Jeffrey Newby and Richard Arnold

Our New Jersey  attorneys will discuss the approach needed to address "arising out of" and "during the course of" employment to allow you to ask the right questions and get the right answers. One of the most common issues faced in a compensation case is "was the petitioner in the course and scope of his or her employment at the time of the accident?"

July 26th

Going Beyond the Hand Held Camera: Effective Investigations in 2016
Presented by Christian Davis and Sherri Dougherty

Our Pennsylvania attorneys will discuss alternative ways of discovering social media information for use in litigation, including use of private investigators. We will also discuss how to get social media information into evidence and ethical considerations over obtaining social media information.

August 16th

MMI; Cutting Off Temp; Curative versus Palliative Treatment; the Timely VT
Presented by Alan Arsenis and  John Kutner

Our New Jersey  attorneys will review what defines curative versus palliative treatment as well as what is the next step once an employee is MMI. We will also discuss the right time to offer a voluntary tender in those cases where MMI is elusive and hotly contested.

September 27th

Considering Medicare's Interests: Conditional Payments and Set Asides
Presented by Christian Davis and Renee Porada Frazier

Our Pennsylvania attorneys will review how to consider Medicare's interests for past treatment (conditional payments) and future treatment (set asides).

October 18th

Temporary Total Disability - Defense to the Obligation to Pay
Presented by Jeffrey Newby and Richard Tavani

Our New Jersey  attorneys will review the defenses to the demand for "temp" and when it can be properly refused even if the petitioner (employee) is not employed and may even need treatment. Employees are entitled to temporary disability as long as they are actively treating and unable to work from a work injury.

November 22nd

How to Partner with your Attorney to Lower your Workers' Compensation Costs
Presented by Christian Davis and David Greene

Our Pennsylvania attorneys will discuss unique approaches to working directly with your outside counsel to keep the cost of workers' compensation claims to a minimum.

December 20th

Defending Motions for Med and Temp
Presented by Jeffrey Newby and Jennifer Laver

Our New Jersey  attorneys will present the key steps in defending these motions and the best ways to limit your costs and exposure because motions for Med and Temp require immediate action and investigation.


Registration is required for all webinars.  Once you RSVP to a webinar you will receive a link to access the live video feed. RSVP to Bisa Lindsey at or 267.765.4120

If you have any questions about the material heard in the webinar, please email and one of our attorneys will get back to you.

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