Upcoming Workers Compensations Webinars


Workers' Compensation Webinar Series

Join our attorneys as we present monthly webinars on current topics affecting Workers' Compensation in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Below is a list of some of our upcoming summer webinars. Webinars begin at 12 p.m. EST on the dates listed below.

·         July 26th: Going Beyond the Hand Held Camera: Effective Investigations in 2016, Presented by Christian Davis and Sherri Dougherty

Our Pennsylvania attorneys will discuss alternative ways of discovering social media information for use in litigation, including use of private investigators. We will also discuss how to get social media information into evidence and ethical considerations over obtaining social media information.

·         August 16th: MMI; Cutting Off Temp; Curative versus Palliative Treatment; the Timely VT, Presented by Alan Arsenis and John Kutner

Our New Jersey attorneys will review what defines curatives versus palliative treatment as well as what is the next step once an employee is MMI. We will also discuss the right time to offer a voluntary tender in those cases where MMI is elusive and hotly contested.

Registration is required for all webinars. Once you RSVP to a webinar you will receive a link to access the live video feed.


RSVP to Bisa Lindsey at blindsey@wglaw.com or 267.765.4120.

The full schedule for the 2016 Workers' Compensation Webinar Series is available here.




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