IRE UPHEAVAL: Duffey Allows IRE Doctor to Establish New Injuries


IRE UPHEAVAL: Duffey Allows IRE Doctor to Establish New Injuries

On January 19, 2017, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania ruled in Duffey v. WCAB (Trola-Dyne, Inc.) that an IRE physician must investigate conditions beyond the established injury for purposes of rendering a valid Impairment Rating Evaluation. To explain this unprecedented and groundbreaking decision, Weber Gallagher is presenting a Webinar on Tuesday, January 31, 2017, at 10:30 a.m. (Eastern Time) to address the following questions raised by our clients:

·         Does the IRE physician now have an obligation to consider unaccepted medical conditions, in addition to what is defined by the Notice of Compensation Payable or Workers' Compensation Judge Decision, when issuing an Impairment Rating?

·         Did the Supreme Court give the claimant the unchecked power to add to the scope of accepted injuries?

·         Post Duffey, does the IRE physician have an affirmative obligation or duty to probe for non-accepted injuries?

·         Post Duffey, does the employer now have an obligation to pay for medical bills associated with conditions the IRE physician finds to be work related?

·         Post Duffey, is the IRE binding on the future scope of the claims management (for example, affecting work restrictions, vocational assessments, labor market surveys, job searches and IMEs)?

·         Has the Supreme Court stripped employers of their statutory right to define the scope of injury?

·         Post Duffey, where does an IRE fit within your exposure reduction toolbox?

Registration is required for this webinar. Once you RSVP you will receive a link to access the live video feed.


RSVP to Bisa Lindsey at or 267.765.4120.




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