2017 Workers' Compensation Webinar Series Schedule


2017 Workers' Compensation Webinar Series

Our webinars will focus on important Workers' Compensation topics for the states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Webinar dates and RSVP information can be found below.

·         February 21st: Considering Medicare's Interests: Conditional Payments and Set-Asides, Presented by Jeffrey Newby and Renee Porada Frazier

Our attorneys will review how to consider Medicare's interests for past treatment (conditional payments) and future treatment (set-asides) specifically in New Jersey.

·         March 21st: The Potential Trouble Zone: How To Manage the Intersection of WC/ADA/FMLA, Presented by Stephen Potako and Julie Kinkopf

Our Pennsylvania attorneys will provide an overview of the crossover among the requirements of workers' compensation and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). They will also address: how to trouble shoot when you are dealing with an injured worker, how to handle workers that are not released to full-duty but have reached maximum medical improvement and provide practical advice on hypothetical employee situations involving the workers' compensation, the ADA and Family and Medical Leave Act.

·         April 18th: Navigating the Issues Brought on by the Legalization of Medical and Recreational Marijuana, Presented by John Kutner and Penelope Caamaño

Our attorneys will discuss how new legalization laws interact with existing federal employment laws as well as various state workers' compensation laws and policies. With 28 states legalizing marijuana for medical purposes and seven states (and the District of Columbia) legalizing it for recreational use there are now potentially tens of thousands of card-carrying marijuana users in the work force. While these new marijuana laws come as a relief to those seeking to benefit from the drug's therapeutic qualities, they also can create headaches for employers and insurance carriers who now have to navigate a confusing array of new rights and obligations.

·         May 16th: Dual Coverage Issues, Presented by David Greene and Jeffrey Newby

Our attorneys will discuss how to minimize exposure when an employee has dual jurisdiction focusing on New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

·         June 20th: Valuing the New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Case for Settlement, Presented by Alan Arsenis and Richard Arnold

Our New Jersey attorneys will tell you how to analyze a claim to establish the initial file reserve, update reserves and potential exposure throughout discovery and explain various factors that affect the settlement value of cases throughout the state.

·         August 15th: Calculating Section 40 Lien Rights, Presented by Jennifer Laver and Robert Hanneman

Our New Jersey attorneys will explain Section 40 lien rights, when they apply, consideration for waiving the right and how to calculate.

·         September 19th: C'mon Down, The Price is Right - Settling Your Workers' Compensation Case for the Best Value, Presented by James Bucilla

Our Pennsylvania attorneys will explain how to understand the exposure of your claim and give tips on how to settle the claim for the best value. This includes analyzing your claim from the judges' assigned, future medical exposure and wage loss and the impact of Medicare and Impairment Rating Evaluations.

·         October 17th: You Can't Always Get What You Want, But if You Try Some Time, You Just Might Find, We'll Get What You Need, Presented by Joseph Borucki and Vanessa Mendelewski

Our New Jersey attorneys will discuss how Section 20 is the least favored settlement by employees and most Judges as it is a full and final resolution. In order to successfully obtain this type of settlement, you must show some aspect of the claim is contested. The webinar will address the appropriate situations in which to obtain a Section 20 settlement and the advantages to such a settlement.

·         November 14th: Defining Injuries in Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Cases, Presented by Jeffrey Seyfried and Lucas Csovelak

Our Pennsylvania attorneys will focus on properly defining accepted injuries in Pennsylvania workers' compensation cases. They will explain how to properly define an injury when initially accepting a work- related injury via a Notice of Compensation Payable and other bureau documents. In addition, they will discuss how to utilize medical records and bureau documents in the context of IMEs and IREs, in order to ensure that all IMEs and IREs are used in the most effective and efficient manner for limiting future liability for carriers and employers and to ensure that all injuries are properly defined before entering into litigation.

·         December 19th: Top Ten New Jersey Workers' Compensation Cases of 2017, Presented by Mark Setaro and Cheryl Binosa

Our New Jersey attorneys will review the most important decisions impacting New Jersey workers' compensation law issued by the Courts and State Legislature in 2017. This will include any precedent-setting holdings issued by the Judges of the Workers' Compensation Court and decisions by the Appellate Division of the Superior Court. We will also cover any important amendments to the workers' compensation statute. Our discussion will include an analysis of these critical decisions with any impact on the administration of benefits and practice of law before the Division of Workers' Compensation.

Registration is required for all webinars. Once you RSVP to a webinar you will receive a link to access the live video feed.

If you have any questions about the material heard in the webinar, please email questions@wglaw.com and one of our attorneys will get back to you.



Each presentation will be presented at 12 p.m. EST on the presentation date. Presentations can be viewed at any time on our WG University page.

RSVP to Bisa Lindsey at blindsey@wglaw.com or 267.765.4120.

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