"Nuts & Bolts" of Claims-Made Policies


"Nuts & Bolts" of Claims-Made Policies

This webinar will provide a review of coverage triggers in claims-made policies. The panel will include a review of the definition of a claim, the definition of a wrongful act and a review of some of the pitfalls inherent in providing notice under claims-made policies. In addition, the panel will address these questions:

What effects do "related" claims have on the scope of coverage?

Does a demand or threat constitute a claim?

What is the impact of late notice on coverage?

How is the notice-prejudice rule applied in the context of claims-made policies?

Does an Administrative filing in an employment practice action establish when the claim is first made?


Our panel will include Weber Gallagher Attorneys Jane Kelsey and Kenneth Sharperson

Thursday, June 29th

12 p.m.


RSVP to Bisa Lindsey at blindsey@wglaw.com or 267.765.4120.




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