2018 Workers' Compensation Webinar Series


2018 Workers' Compensation Webinar Series

Our webinars will focus on important Workers' Compensation topics for the states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Webinar dates and RSVP information can be found below.

·         February 20th: Update on Medical Marijuana and the Opioid Crisis, Presented by John Kutner and Scott Wilson

Join our New Jersey attorneys as they discuss recent developments regarding medical marijuana and opioid pain medication and how employers and insurance carriers can navigate changing laws and policies to minimize legal risk.

·         March 13th: Showing Job Availability in a Post-Protz World, Presented by Chris Davis and Peter Harrison

Our attorneys will address Labor Market Surveys in Pennsylvania in light of recent case law making it, in some ways, more difficult to show job availability. This webinar highlights the importance of Labor Market Surveys as a tool for containing/reducing exposure made more complicated by the recent Protz decision which effectively eliminated the IRE system in Pennsylvania. Our Pennsylvania workers' compensation attorneys will address trying to construct "bullet proof" Labor Market Surveys and the legal pitfalls in this process.

·         April 10th: Course and Scope of Employment-Is the Coming and Going Rule Still a Viable Defense in Delaware?, Presented by Geoffrey Lockyer

·         May 23rd: "Arising Out of Employment" vs. "During the Course of Employment" - Know the difference so You Can Pay or Deny With Confidence, Presented by Joseph Borucki and Vanessa Mendelewski

·         June 11th: How to Partner With Your Attorney to Lower WC costs, Presented by David Greene

·         July 18th: Permanency-How to Reduce Exposure in a Litigated Delaware Permanency claim, Presented by Geoffrey Lockyer

·         August 14th: Medicare Update, Presented by Jennifer Laver and Robert Hanneman

·         September 20th: An Update on Opioid-Related Laws and Policies, Presented by Jeffrey Seyfried and Lucas Csovelak

·         October 20th: Termination of Benefits - Defeating a Hoey Defense in Delaware, Presented by Geoffrey Lockyer

·         November 13th: Workers Compensation Cases, Presented by Jeffrey Newby and Alan Arsenis

·         December 4th: Defending Chronic and Preexisting Conditions - What Really Works, Presented by Sherri Dougherty and Dawn Nicholson

Registration is required for all webinars. Once you RSVP to a webinar you will receive a link to access the live video feed.

If you have any questions about the material heard in the webinar, please email questions@wglaw.com and one of our attorneys will get back to you.



Each presentation will be presented at 12 p.m. EST on the presentation date. Presentations can be viewed at any time on our WG University page.

RSVP to Bisa Lindsey at blindsey@wglaw.com or 267.765.4120.




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