Let's Talk Calculating Income in Support


Let's Talk Family Law

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The fifth episode in our "Let's Talk Family Law" series features our Attorney, Carolyn R. Mirabile and her special guest, Mark H. Bradford, CPA, CFE, as they discuss complex support issues in family law cases. Mark is an expert in forensic accounting at Asterion Consulting in Philadelphia. He specializes in assisting clients in family law matters and has been qualified as an expert throughout the Commonwealth. In this episode, Carolyn and Mark discuss several topics about how income is calculated in support proceedings. Carolyn reviews what the Pennsylvania Statute and Rules define as income, and Mark explains which documents are used by forensic accountants to determine net income available for support. Carolyn and Mark discuss an analysis of cash flow, including income from rental and commercial properties, compensation packages, lifestyle, retained earnings, trusts, and retirement plans.

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