Future Workers’ Compensation Premiums/Costs in a Post-Pandemic World: Questions Answered On Pandemic Impacts to Bottom Line


For the first time, Pennsylvania Compensation Rating Bureau leadership, President William Taylor and Chief Actuary Brent Otto, join Weber Gallagher for a one-hour webinar to present wide-ranging insights pertaining to pandemic-related impacts. Their comments will cover claims history that is used to recognize workers' compensation trends, and to make predictions for Pennsylvania employers, carriers, and third-party administrators and their ultimate premium exposure. Essentially driving Pennsylvania's workers' compensation insurance market, this information and these statistics play an important predictive role in determining workers' compensation costs for those with premium obligations. As part of its role, the Pennsylvania Compensation Rating Bureau collects an array of conventional data and, in our webinar, will extrapolate this information to measure the various ways COVID-19 impacts the workers' compensation premium market.

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