Weber Gallagher’s COVID-19 Response Plan


To Our Valued Clients and Friends,

As our thoughts continue to be with those directly impacted by the Coronavirus, we want to keep you apprised of Weber Gallagher’s plans to handle this constantly changing situation.

Please know that the management of Weber Gallagher is in tune and up to the minute with the current, yet ever-evolving situation.  First and foremost, as much as it is within our control, our first priority is ensuring the health and well-being of all our people, our clients and the community at large.  A full best practices protocol has been implemented within each of our offices to minimize the risk of infection and/or transmission for our attorneys and support staff. We continue to monitor all of the latest information regarding the spread of the virus, what other businesses are doing, what our clients are doing, and the guidance coming from various governmental agencies, including the courts.

Nonetheless, as a business and organization dedicated to serving our clients, we are compelled to ensure clients' needs are being met as they arise and that matters we are already handling continue to receive full and uninterrupted attention.  As this emergent situation has been evolving over the past several weeks, Weber Gallagher’s management team has been working exhaustively with our attorneys, staff, and IT professionals to ensure all Weber Gallagher personnel will have the total and uninterrupted capability to work remotely should the need arise.  This includes full access to all systems which are accessible in the office and the automatic transfer of phone calls to individual mobile phones. While these capabilities have existed for some years, in the last several weeks these capabilities have been upgraded substantially and tested thoroughly to ensure maximum performance and responsiveness. 

At this time, Weber Gallagher is fully operational and open for business, however, all of our physical office locations are closed in the best interests of our personnel and in line with the directives we have received from state and local governments.   All of our personnel have been shifted to full remote access.  We will have rotating skeletal staff present in each office to handle mail and similar tasks which can only be addressed from within the office.  For clients and others outside our offices, there should be no noticeable difference in access to our staff and the services we routinely provide. All of our attorneys and staff remain reachable through all lines of communication in which they have been reached in the past.

Once again, our firm’s leadership, its attorneys and professional staff have been contingency planning with respect to this situation for several weeks.  We are fully committed to ensuring everyone’s physical health and well-being, while maintaining the level of service our clients have come to expect.

Stay safe and healthy.


Andrew L. Indeck, Firm Chair

Media Contact

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Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer
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