The Risk Roundtable: The Ins and Outs of Medical Treatment in New Jersey Workers' Compensation Claims


Weber Gallagher Workers’ Compensation Partners Alan A. Arsenis and Robert R. Hanneman Jr. discuss the ins and outs of medical treatment in New Jersey Workers’ Compensation claims.

In this episode, Alan and Rob give a brief overview of the benefits a petitioner is entitled to under the Worker’s Compensation Act, address potential mistakes that could be made during the claims process and review the difference between curative and palliative care. They also examine what happens if a claimant becomes non-compliant and what that could mean for the case.

Alan and Rob explain how and why they chose specific experts for second opinions, which can be crucial for managing the overall medical treatment. The discussion will also touch on opioid medication and the use of medical marijuana in treatment for workers’ compensation claims.

´╗┐Finally, they delve into maximum medical improvement, level of functionality, peer reviews verse independent medical evaluation (IME) and providing treatment without prejudice.


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