Recreational Sports and Hobbies

With the widespread growth and popularity of recreational activities, our clients are facing new and complex lawsuits.  Along with an increase in claims related to Recreational Sports and Hobbies such as Hunting and Equine activities, our clients are also defending claims arising from accidents occurring at Sports Arenas, Summer Camps and other recreational venues. These injury claims and the resulting lawsuits significantly impact both the clients who operate these businesses and the carriers who insure them.  Our attorneys have the experience, unique skill-set, industry knowledge and expertise to handle and defend every type of recreational and sports claim.  Our attorneys offer strategic forethought to mitigate risk and advise each client on the best course of action.


Equine Law encompasses many distinct practice areas, including racing, sales and breeding law, regulatory law, trade association representation, liability claims, insurance matters, veterinary issues, and contract negotiation and preparation.   Equine Law is a highly specialized area of practice.  Knowledge of the law, state’s equine liability acts and immunities, and the nuances of the distinct equine disciplines is essential to address the complex and varied challenges this niche practice area presents for both client and counsel.  Weber Gallagher attorneys are highly skilled and possess extensive experience in the Equine Industry.

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