Family Law

When decisions will affect children and families for years to come they require the guidance and advice of professionals who have experience, knowledge and compassion. Our dedicated family law attorneys know how to navigate the financial and legal implications of divorce, custody, asset division and adoption. 

Weber Gallagher handles all domestic relations matters, including divorce, custody and visitation, alternative-family issues, alimony and property division, adoptions, child abuse and spousal/child support. Our attorneys draft prenuptial, postnuptial and protection from abuse agreements and counsel clients on avoiding the emotional and financial drains of litigation. In cases where an agreement is unattainable, our lawyers call on our extensive trial and appellate experience.

Our attorneys regularly analyze complex financial issues and work with forensic accountants, appraisers and other professionals to accurately evaluate assets including businesses.  Our experienced Family Law Group is made up of professionals who understand the tumultuous time of divorce and make every effort to provide stability for family members by achieving results in the most efficient manner.   

Weber Gallagher attorneys use alternative dispute resolution when necessary and have experience in the division of pensions, stock and real estate. Our group counsels clients on efficient and innovative ways to settle disputes always keeping in mind that we are committed to minimizing the emotional difficulties in connection with our practice, particularly in custody matters.

Whenever possible, our attorneys seek to resolve issues by agreements, but if it is necessary to go to court the attorneys have many years of trial and appellate experience.  Our practice is equipped to handle both routine and complex cases.   The Weber Gallagher Family Law Group has experience in representing many high-profile clients, including corporate executives, entertainers, entrepreneurs and professionals and is accustomed to protecting client confidentiality and helping manage publicity as a result of marital or family law issues.

Our attorneys frequently publish, teach and speak on family law issues in the region and around the country. They are well respected by their peers and hold leadership roles in legal organizations and on boards. Many have been recognized with awards given by professional organizations. 

Our attorneys’ priority always remains to represent clients with the highest standards of professionalism and responsiveness. 

Call our Family Law office at 610.272.5555 for assistance with your case. 

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