Factors in Divorce: The Tom Brady Affect


Tom Brady’s decision to come out of retirement and return to football may have cost him his marriage. Insiders report, Gisele Bündchen, his wife, did not attend his last two home games but his children attended the games without their mother present.

Tom Brady’s decision to retire and then return to football isn’t different from other families who make decisions about their employment, retirement, financial investments and many other life altering decisions.

Significant decisions may affect a marriage including if one party believes their spouse is working too hard and not paying enough attention to the family and children. 

In Pennsylvania the court considers more than 11 factors in determining the equitable division of marital assets and liabilities. Among those factors is employment and retirement and the benefits each spouse may have acquired, both during and after the marriage. If contemplating divorce you may want to speak to legal counsel on how your financial decisions may have an impact on your divorce settlement.

Weber Gallagher can assist clients who are contemplating divorce in creating a strategic plan including discussion on retirement and the impact on an overall resolution in divorce.

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