Costner Divorce: The Reality of Getting $200,000 in Child Support


All eyes are on the Costner divorce and wondering about the eligibility to receive the amount of child support Costner’s estranged wife is seeking. The amount of support, lifestyle discussions and the prenuptial agreement all seem to be in play between the parties and their negotiations. Unfortunately, it is not likely that you are going to receive upwards of $200,000 per month in child support in Pennsylvania like Costner’s wife.

In most cases child support is income driven in Pennsylvania and not expense driven. Meaning, regardless of the children’s expenses the court examines the parties’ net incomes and number of children and uses a formula-based calculation to determine child support. The court may also consider the costs of private school tuition and extracurricular activities if deemed reasonable and the parties agree on the expenses.

Even in cases where the parties’ income exceeds the maximum monthly net threshold, the court isn’t inclined to order such dramatically high support orders. Extraordinarily high monthly orders only delay the case, often become unenforceable over a long period of time and realistically don’t encourage the parties to move forward with their separate lives.

Child support in Pennsylvania focuses on the earnings and earning capacity of the parties and is usually modifiable based upon a change in income or circumstances, such as a child becoming emancipated. Parties should remain focused on the Pennsylvania formula-based child support and not on the Hollywood dream child support.

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