In our Swiftie Era: Football and Prenups


When the Kansas City Chiefs take the field, Swifites have their eagle eyes watching star tight end, Travis Kelce's every move. No longer are people discussing quarterback Patrick Mahomes and his family, instead Travis Kelce is the king of our hearts with his new love, Taylor Swift.

In fact, Travis Kelce’s player stats, including receiving yards and touchdowns, have improved when this Anti-Hero has Taylor Swift in attendance. However, when “left to his own devices” he is no pop star, and his stats are down across the board.

Travis Kelce is making sparks fly with more endorsements, increasing contract payments, merchandise sales, and even purchasing a new $6 million home in Kansas City. Is it time for him and Swift to start thinking of a Prenup?

A Prenup gives the ability of both parties to protect their assets and provide a roadmap for the division of assets, if any, should the marriage fail. Taylor Swift's newly minted billionaire status and lavish lifestyle which includes private jets, is certainly worthy of a Prenup. Negotiating future ownership of a private suite at the Kingdom, even of the team, could be topics covered in the Prenup. Disclosure of each party’s fortune and waivers of each other’s premarital assets would make this Midnight Star’s financial statement a Grammy winner.

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