Love and Contracts: Valentine's Day Engagements and Prenuptial Agreements


Valentine’s Day means engagements and weddings. Engagements also mean prenuptial agreements. In fact, it is expected during the Super Bowl there will be multiple proposals. Of course, everyone will be watching to see whether Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce will soon be engaged.

With prenuptial season in full swing there are some key points you should be aware of to make sure you protect your assets and still celebrate your amazing wedding day.

  1. Don’t wait until the last minute. It is better for both parties to plan for the prenuptial agreement so that on your wedding day you can enjoy the festivities.
  2. Both parties should retain counsel. It is essential for both parties to have their own counsel not only to explain the terms of the prenuptial agreement but also to understand your rights and responsibilities under the divorce code. Pennsylvania courts have historically upheld the validity of prenuptial agreements therefore, both parties should be fully committed to understanding the agreement they enter will be enforced.
  3. Full and fair disclosure should be comprehensive, detailed and supported by financial documents. Full disclosure will ensure the agreement will be declared valid and not subject to costly challenges.

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